Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yo Yo Yo! Drive With RESPECT!!!!!!!!!


I'm very sorry that it has taken so long to throw another blog post up.  My life has been very busy.  When it gets like this I tend to forget about  my little side projects, like my blog!  I wish that someone could just write what I would like to be posted.  I actually put a call into the Vancouver WSU's intern office asking for someone that would be willing to help with my business.  It has been almost two weeks now and still no call back.  I hope it comes soon... :)  If not, well, that's just disrespectful.  Professionals shouldn't be like that...

I go to many places and speak which gives me the pleasure of meeting wonderful people.  Alot of them!  I met someone in Phoenix the last time I was down there that really swept me off of my feet.  Her name is Jacy Good.  She is a young woman who was involved in a crash that took the lives of both parents.  You would never know that when she smiles at you.  Our world is full of people like this!  People that have amazing amounts of strenghth.  Jacy and I have very similar struggles but very different when it comes to the pain we walk with.  People are put through HELL every second of every day.

Many of us often look to sky and pray for the lost ones.  We poor out liquor...  We visit grave sites...  We cry!  After reading this I would like for you to do something.  Do one of the few things that I just mentioned, but do it for the ones that are facing the world with a life that they NEVER wanted or even imagined.  It can be ANY type of stuggle!  We need to show respect to the ones that give others a very grateful feeling... 

This photo has no relevance to the post. I just like the photo... ;)

Jacy Good is the young woman that is wearing the red dress.

Jacy Good... Your amazing!!!

Thank you to everyone that knows and shows respect during life...