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Buy The Rhymes!!! I thank anyone who who decides to purchase the book. You will NOT be disappointed.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Laura Bell is a friend of mine on Facebook who had watched me speak and recently inspired me to write these stories. 

Miss Laura Bell

This girl Named Laura Bell
Gotta story to tell
Can relate to many women
So I’m hopin this helps
Born on New Years Day
At first kept to herself
Time passed hard times
Tried reachin for hands
It hurt bad
When she looked for friends
But no one reached back
Attention she needed
Started seein this man
Thinkin he would listen
Started seein his plan
Tried for rape but escaped
This day thankful he hadn’t
Movin on respect is key
Though seems
She kinda lost it
An outlet for her rage on stage
She saw in drama
Built a character real world
Couldn’t see it any longer
She hid behind the plot
Hid behind the trauma
Hid behind a guy disguised 
Who really tried to harm her
Ridin in his car the pride
Caused him to flip it
Almost died then!
New appreciation for life
Laughed and called Shorty
Friends favored her height
Now when readin the script
Believe she’s seein it right
No more fear of dreams
That she’s seein at night
A future so bright!
Now gave her a face
It gave her a path
Even gave her a place
No more lookin back
Ain’t afraid of the race
She wants to heal people!
Like she wanted so bad
Back in the day but hadn’t
Now tryin 
For chiropractic
They say thank you Laura
As they leave the room
Glad to help you out with this my friend
I hope to see you soon
Happy life will take her
She smiles
It couldn’t break her
Advice she has for ladies today
Don’t let him MAKE you
She screams reach for dreams!
Quit reachin for hell
We wanna thank you for the strength that you gave
Miss Laura Bell…

Monday, January 21, 2013

A poem I wrote for Kara Micciche... Kara's Law

Kara’s Law

By Tyler Presnell

Fighting for the causes
And then I think why bother
Death is guaranteed
But the kids will live much longer
If we
Clean the streets
Why can’t we see the problems?
Fathers out there like mine
Should never outlive their daughters
So here’s my story
And I hope you listen closely
I died at 17
Long before I was supposed to
My father
Raised me alone but glad he chose to
Have my little baby brother Yubby
I was close to
My dream as a teen
Was to grow and be a medic
Organ donor on my permit 
Dad I’m glad he let me
After I died
Helped others I never knew
Saved lives with my organs
Keep dreaming they do come true
I died soon!
But keeping my hopes alive
Driver saw me though on drugs
Now Dad has to with closed eyes
So wrong!
People need to speak up
The driver killed me but no test
I wasn't reason enough
We need to change this!
And not by dropping dollars
In a bucket use your power
We don’t need this any longer
Hey World!
My name is Kara
Love music, tattoos and pink
So would you wear some?
I miss my family
And I even miss my friends
I use to hang and laugh with em
But that’s just the way it is
Got killed while crossing the street
We looked both ways!
And the driver even saw me
As kids we’re taught
To stand up and say we did this
Then learn as adults of the holes
Hid in our system
The driver caused me to die
But the laws don’t call him killer
I was a mother to my brother
Who buried his only sister
I miss life!
Three weeks before my death
Asked dad for some money
I wanted a pretty dress
He said sweetie please wait one day
I know you’ll get it
My father kept his promise
His sweetie was buried in it
We need help
If Legislation passes Kara’s Law
Make drivers take credit save lives
No matter where you are
Imagine all the families
Demanding nothing but justice
Hoping I’m the last killed
Nobody wants this.

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Hiked up Daimondhead!!!

My body is screwed up and rebuilt yet it doesn't stop me from enjoying life. Push yourselves!!!!!

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Lovin life!!!

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The Title on Youtube says it all!!!

Watch "Poetry-Dont Judge A TBI Survivor!" on YouTube

Say hello to people a bit more often.  Do NOT think that someone wont be able to appreciate it due to their image.