Friday, January 25, 2013

Laura Bell is a friend of mine on Facebook who had watched me speak and recently inspired me to write these stories. 

Miss Laura Bell

This girl Named Laura Bell
Gotta story to tell
Can relate to many women
So I’m hopin this helps
Born on New Years Day
At first kept to herself
Time passed hard times
Tried reachin for hands
It hurt bad
When she looked for friends
But no one reached back
Attention she needed
Started seein this man
Thinkin he would listen
Started seein his plan
Tried for rape but escaped
This day thankful he hadn’t
Movin on respect is key
Though seems
She kinda lost it
An outlet for her rage on stage
She saw in drama
Built a character real world
Couldn’t see it any longer
She hid behind the plot
Hid behind the trauma
Hid behind a guy disguised 
Who really tried to harm her
Ridin in his car the pride
Caused him to flip it
Almost died then!
New appreciation for life
Laughed and called Shorty
Friends favored her height
Now when readin the script
Believe she’s seein it right
No more fear of dreams
That she’s seein at night
A future so bright!
Now gave her a face
It gave her a path
Even gave her a place
No more lookin back
Ain’t afraid of the race
She wants to heal people!
Like she wanted so bad
Back in the day but hadn’t
Now tryin 
For chiropractic
They say thank you Laura
As they leave the room
Glad to help you out with this my friend
I hope to see you soon
Happy life will take her
She smiles
It couldn’t break her
Advice she has for ladies today
Don’t let him MAKE you
She screams reach for dreams!
Quit reachin for hell
We wanna thank you for the strength that you gave
Miss Laura Bell…

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