Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Washington DC

A short while ago I was at home relaxing and received an invitiation to fly out and speak in Washington D.C. to both members of Congress and Senate. It got me pretty excited. Even more so when I found out that the speaking was going to take place in the Capitol building. My girlfriend, Tai, was even able to come with. My brain injury makes me feel lost each day so having her around during that trip was definitely needed. The thought of us being a part of the Safe Roads for Teens coalition was defintiely a huge part of the excitement. I had been on a mission for years prior trying to spread the word about driving safe. In fact, I made that my full time job so my name getting noticed across the country made me feel like I was doing the right thing. The flight over was smooth. Tai and I put a movie on and passed out. It felt like we were there in minutes. I've always hated flying commercial airlines. In 2006 I was a huge skydiver so now flying without a parachute sorta freaks me out. My shirts are drenched in sweat each time. Not Cool!!!

The first night was nice and relaxing. The next day we were on a mission to explore life in Washington D.C. I learned this very quikly... Horrible Drivers!!! I'm pretty sure most of us think that the drivers from outside of our areas usually aren't as good. Our favorite spot we found was on the rooftop of The W Hotel. The view was amazing. It overlooked each monument with The White House being the closest. It was literally the building just to the left. Tai and I felt like we should have been signing autographs while sitting up there on our red leather couch. We definitely recommend checking that spot out when you visit.

The day of speaking went as smooth as the plane ride over with everything going as planned. I laughed to myself as they called my name up to the podium. It was my first time speaking to a group with more cameras in the audience than people. I forgot that I was speaking at a press conference. I had never spoken at one before. That moment put more motivation in me to do what I love.

When I died at 14 and was given another shot at life, I didn't really know how to appreciate it. I was far too mentally challenged from my traumatic brain injury to even know what was going on. When my life was barely saved on an operating table at 23, I felt everything. I forget most everything in life but I'll never forget that night.

Alright, I'm rambling... :) That's the brain injury coming out. I won't post something this early that goes twenty different directions. Enjoy the pictures!

Tyler Presnell

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