Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tyler Presnell Speaks

Along with the people I thanked in the video I would aslo like to thank Greg Sherlock, Nancy Chaffin (A Life Interrupted), Nancy Carpenter and anyone else who has helped me get started. Thank you!!!!

I'm hoping for feedback from all of my lil homies! I would actually like feedback from anyone willing to give it. Dont hesitate following me either... I'll try and update this on a regular basis. Come catch a glimpse of my random/crazy/painful/fun/meaningful adventures.

Thank you,



Faith said...

Good job tyler! you did amazing:) and as the world falls in love with you your going to need someone to take you calls:)) lol keep posting and show the world how wonderful and amazing you are!!!

Al Polito said...

Thanks for speaking this evening. Look up Tim Sweeney Artist Management. Tim is branding consultant to rock stars who now works with independent artists (and he's brilliant and funny). The reason I mention him to you is because, like you, he has his entire innards replumbed and jury-rigged (due to bouts with cancer) and has very similar passion and energy to yours. You and him would get along really well.

Tyler Presnell said...

Thank you Al! I just checked out your blog. What you do is amazing. I'd love to meet one day. Tim will be hearing from Tyler Presnell soon. Thank you...

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