Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wording... My Creative Outlet

Shortly after the accident my Nana handed me a journal and told me to write in it daily as if it were my best friend.  I am so happy I listened to her because now I have a record of my years after the accident.  After awhile my daily entries turned into daily poems.  I thank my Nana to this day for introducing me to one of my greatest passions. 

Here is a poem I wrote earlier this year.  Let me know what you think!

Get in
Turn the key but I'm late
To my appointment never thought about the brakes
Drove to fast that's all it takes
Now I'm floatin in the clouds lookin at my family's face
Wishin I could be there but I can't
One bad decision had them flippin every plan
I'm dead and gone so my family wants to make a stand
Nobody wants to listen till it happens in their own hands
So selfish so wrong I'm so mad
Memories of me in the past is all they'll ever have
Should've left early but I hadn't
These impatient ways of life had me drivin to fast....

Tyler Presnell

All work completed by Tyler Presnel1 is copywritten

Happy Holiday message in a great email

This email just lit up my face.

Hi Tyler Happy Holidays!
My name is Augusto and I attended the High Risk Driver Class on December 19th. I was truly touched to hear your story and everything you had to endure. I am so glad that there are people like you out there that can take a negative situation/event and turn it into a positive. What you are doing right now is truly remarkable and I encourage you to continue to send your message out in order to help others avoid making the same choices you have made.

I love your spirit and energy and I love your will to fight and live. My personal heroes are people like Lance Armstrong and you, who wake up everyday with the will to fight and live another day.

I belong to the mountaneering group Mazamas and the reason why I attended the class is because I was running late to a Mazamas meeting and I was stopped for speeding. Perhaps it was an omen or fate, but if you ever aspire to climb a mountain I would love to be a part of that challenge with you. Remember you can do anything you want in life!

I wish you the best and keep on fighting and spreading your message.

Happy Holidays and God bless


Monday, November 29, 2010

Emails from the heart

After I speak I receive emails from students who connect with the message. This is one that stayed with me.

Hello Mr. Presnell.
My name is Jenna. Yesterday you came to my school, Cascade High, and you spoke to us. Your story is incredible. I was in tears when I was listening to it. I walked up to you with 2 of my friends, one who told you her poem about her aunt. I couldn't talk to you because I was so moved, my throat was closed.

I have a story like yours, but not as hard as yours. I have 3 diseases and will be blind in 2 years. When you talked about how painful it is to stay in one place for a long time, I knew what you meant. It hurts me to stay still. i have to constantly change the way I am sitting or standing due to the pain. I have been in and out of the hospital since I was born. It is extremely painful when your "friends" stop being around you because you aren't "normal".

I think everyone deserves a friend no matter what.

One of my best friends older brother was brain dead, and i helped take care of him until he passes away in 2007. I'm sorry if I'm just rambling, but I would like to talk to you more and be your friend. I think you are a true inspration and a true, honest hero.

I've sent your video telling your story to many of my friends in Louisiana. Thank you for never giving up and just saying "I quit" when life threw you a tough one. It gives me more strength to never give up when i lose my sight.

Thank you soo much.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Washington D.C. pictures: Me!

Sightseeing after speaking to Congress.

After speaking to Congress we did a little site seeing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Washington D.C. pictures: relaxing

Between speaking to Congress and the media we had time to relax.

Our favorite spot we found was on the rooftop of The W Hotel.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wasington D.C. pictures: speaking

I am still new to this blog thing and couldn't figure out how to upload the pictures for my last post. I hope you enjoy them!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Washington DC

A short while ago I was at home relaxing and received an invitiation to fly out and speak in Washington D.C. to both members of Congress and Senate. It got me pretty excited. Even more so when I found out that the speaking was going to take place in the Capitol building. My girlfriend, Tai, was even able to come with. My brain injury makes me feel lost each day so having her around during that trip was definitely needed. The thought of us being a part of the Safe Roads for Teens coalition was defintiely a huge part of the excitement. I had been on a mission for years prior trying to spread the word about driving safe. In fact, I made that my full time job so my name getting noticed across the country made me feel like I was doing the right thing. The flight over was smooth. Tai and I put a movie on and passed out. It felt like we were there in minutes. I've always hated flying commercial airlines. In 2006 I was a huge skydiver so now flying without a parachute sorta freaks me out. My shirts are drenched in sweat each time. Not Cool!!!

The first night was nice and relaxing. The next day we were on a mission to explore life in Washington D.C. I learned this very quikly... Horrible Drivers!!! I'm pretty sure most of us think that the drivers from outside of our areas usually aren't as good. Our favorite spot we found was on the rooftop of The W Hotel. The view was amazing. It overlooked each monument with The White House being the closest. It was literally the building just to the left. Tai and I felt like we should have been signing autographs while sitting up there on our red leather couch. We definitely recommend checking that spot out when you visit.

The day of speaking went as smooth as the plane ride over with everything going as planned. I laughed to myself as they called my name up to the podium. It was my first time speaking to a group with more cameras in the audience than people. I forgot that I was speaking at a press conference. I had never spoken at one before. That moment put more motivation in me to do what I love.

When I died at 14 and was given another shot at life, I didn't really know how to appreciate it. I was far too mentally challenged from my traumatic brain injury to even know what was going on. When my life was barely saved on an operating table at 23, I felt everything. I forget most everything in life but I'll never forget that night.

Alright, I'm rambling... :) That's the brain injury coming out. I won't post something this early that goes twenty different directions. Enjoy the pictures!

Tyler Presnell

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tyler Presnell Speaks

Along with the people I thanked in the video I would aslo like to thank Greg Sherlock, Nancy Chaffin (A Life Interrupted), Nancy Carpenter and anyone else who has helped me get started. Thank you!!!!

I'm hoping for feedback from all of my lil homies! I would actually like feedback from anyone willing to give it. Dont hesitate following me either... I'll try and update this on a regular basis. Come catch a glimpse of my random/crazy/painful/fun/meaningful adventures.

Thank you,


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tyler's Story... Sponsored by State Farm

Friday, May 21, 2010

Marissa and McKayla: Big John's Driving School

My sister and I (we were the ones in the middle row with the big curly hair and I asked if you were afraid to start driving.) just got back from Big Johns driving school to hear you talk about your story. We wanted to let you know how inspirational it was and that we definitely took it to heart. My sister, brother and I have also had a difficult life and know what it's like to be forced to overcome whatever obstacles life may throw our way. Although our disadvantages weren't physical like yours, we also know what it's like to be looked at funny and because of it we have a great deal of compassion for others who may be in any sort of situation out of their own control. Our hearts go out to you completely. We just wanted to make sure that you knew how appreciative we are that you took time to talk to us!
Thank you
Marissa and McKayla

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank you: Big John's Driving School

Dear Tyler,
You came to my drivers Ed class yesterday (may 19) and I think you are so amazing. Im so glad I got the chance to listen to you and loved hearing about your stories even tho they were sad. And Even tho I am scared of my sunroof (because it can cut my head off) and kinda scared to even have my phone in the car, that's a good thing. So what you said worked! And by the way, you are a REALLY good rapper! Ha :) I'm jealous! :)
Have a good day and keep spreading your story around becase I think everyone that will/has listened to it will remember it forever :) thank you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dude: Big John's Driving School

Hey dude i know you probably don't remember me but you were just at my driver's ed class and we talked for a little bit. You really spoke to me man, it is such an amazing thing you were able to go through that and can still be so happy with life. I honestly think your the coolest person on earth, you can make life ok even tho you had such a hard experience and that means everything. Keep going to people dude, it spoke to me and it really showed me theres a lot that i should be thankful for. I hope everything goes good for you and you will for sure get where people could only dream of being before your life is over dude. You are a crazy good rapper and the best motivational speaker I've ever seen.

Everyone assumes because i have short term memory loss I won't remember them. That's why I LOVE these emails. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Joni: Big John's Driving School

Hey, my name is Joni.

i just wanted to say thanks a million for coming and talking to my drivers ed class at Big Johns yesterday! i know its something you do everyday, but i just wanted to let you know in all my life I've never heard a story that effected in me so much. everything you told us is still soaking in me and i am still just so amazed at what u went through..its an unbelievable story that people dont realize actually happens out there.

I have an aunt who had a stroke in 2006 and since then shes been handicapped. i grew up with her and we did everything together. now shes in a wheelchair and doesnt remember anything and its still hard for me this day, but i am no where close to knowing what u go through each day and it was amazing to me how strong u are after all thats happened, and i hope u know that yesterday when i left that class i knew that everytime i would get in my car, i would think of your story. you left a strong footprint in me that i know will always be there, and i want to thank you for that. you've come a long way in your life and to me it looks like it still is that way. take care and hang in there Tyler and thanks again. cant wait to check out your youtube video!


Here's the video on YouTube: Tyler's Story

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jessica: Big John's Driving School

Dear Tyler,
You came in to my Drivers Ed class, and spoke to us. I never got the chance to formally thank you for your kind words. You really touched my heart, and I will never forget you. I know you probably get this all the time, but you are an amazing person, and i'm glad you're alive. Like you said, you left a footprint in my life, and I will think of you, and pray for you. Good luck with everything.
Yours Truely,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Michelle: Big John's Driving School

More from the mailbox.

Hey Ty, I'm a student from Bob's class, #324. My name is Michelle. We talked for a little bit during the break. I was the one who told you about the nails in my ankle, though I'm not quite sure if you remember that or not, haha. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and hope that we can be friends. Your story really touched me, and a few times I almost wanted to cry. I'm also glad I'm not impulsive or else I would've ran up there and hugged you. So, yeah, I hope we can be friends and I hope you enjoy life to the fullest, because it is not something to be wasted :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Maria: Big John's Driving School

I have a regular gig speaking at Big John's Driving School. Each time it generates emails that let me know what i do is reaching people.

Hey Tyler,
This is Maria. You probably don't remember me, but you came to Big Johns driving school and talked to us about your life today April 9th. Everything you said really did hit me hard, and I think it's amazing how you've gone through life without any friends, and with so much pain, and you're still happy and energetic and you laugh at everything. It makes me feel bad because I do have friends and I've never gone through something like that, and I still seem to be ungrateful a lot of the time. I would just like to say, thank you for coming to Big Johns and talking with us, because you really are like a roll model to me. :) You're amazing, and you should really come back and talk to class #324 again sometime real soon. :) It was really nice meeting you.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bad intentions, good impressions

When I speak it usually initiates a lot of conversations. Here's an email from my email.


I am not really a high risk driver but I attended the class to get out of a ticket. I didn't think the class would really change anything about me, but I was wrong!

I am really impressed with your zest for life, I too have a zest for life but I think I have taken things for granted a lot. Your story really opened my eyes to that. I hope you continue to speak out, you're a great speaker.

I was also shocked how big of a problem car crashes are, it is astounding. I have a 16 yr old son and I want him to attend this class before he gets his license, every person should be required to take it before getting their license.

Keep up the excellent work, and thank you.