Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dude: Big John's Driving School

Hey dude i know you probably don't remember me but you were just at my driver's ed class and we talked for a little bit. You really spoke to me man, it is such an amazing thing you were able to go through that and can still be so happy with life. I honestly think your the coolest person on earth, you can make life ok even tho you had such a hard experience and that means everything. Keep going to people dude, it spoke to me and it really showed me theres a lot that i should be thankful for. I hope everything goes good for you and you will for sure get where people could only dream of being before your life is over dude. You are a crazy good rapper and the best motivational speaker I've ever seen.

Everyone assumes because i have short term memory loss I won't remember them. That's why I LOVE these emails. 

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