Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wording... My Creative Outlet

Shortly after the accident my Nana handed me a journal and told me to write in it daily as if it were my best friend.  I am so happy I listened to her because now I have a record of my years after the accident.  After awhile my daily entries turned into daily poems.  I thank my Nana to this day for introducing me to one of my greatest passions. 

Here is a poem I wrote earlier this year.  Let me know what you think!

Get in
Turn the key but I'm late
To my appointment never thought about the brakes
Drove to fast that's all it takes
Now I'm floatin in the clouds lookin at my family's face
Wishin I could be there but I can't
One bad decision had them flippin every plan
I'm dead and gone so my family wants to make a stand
Nobody wants to listen till it happens in their own hands
So selfish so wrong I'm so mad
Memories of me in the past is all they'll ever have
Should've left early but I hadn't
These impatient ways of life had me drivin to fast....

Tyler Presnell

All work completed by Tyler Presnel1 is copywritten

Happy Holiday message in a great email

This email just lit up my face.

Hi Tyler Happy Holidays!
My name is Augusto and I attended the High Risk Driver Class on December 19th. I was truly touched to hear your story and everything you had to endure. I am so glad that there are people like you out there that can take a negative situation/event and turn it into a positive. What you are doing right now is truly remarkable and I encourage you to continue to send your message out in order to help others avoid making the same choices you have made.

I love your spirit and energy and I love your will to fight and live. My personal heroes are people like Lance Armstrong and you, who wake up everyday with the will to fight and live another day.

I belong to the mountaneering group Mazamas and the reason why I attended the class is because I was running late to a Mazamas meeting and I was stopped for speeding. Perhaps it was an omen or fate, but if you ever aspire to climb a mountain I would love to be a part of that challenge with you. Remember you can do anything you want in life!

I wish you the best and keep on fighting and spreading your message.

Happy Holidays and God bless