Friday, May 21, 2010

Marissa and McKayla: Big John's Driving School

My sister and I (we were the ones in the middle row with the big curly hair and I asked if you were afraid to start driving.) just got back from Big Johns driving school to hear you talk about your story. We wanted to let you know how inspirational it was and that we definitely took it to heart. My sister, brother and I have also had a difficult life and know what it's like to be forced to overcome whatever obstacles life may throw our way. Although our disadvantages weren't physical like yours, we also know what it's like to be looked at funny and because of it we have a great deal of compassion for others who may be in any sort of situation out of their own control. Our hearts go out to you completely. We just wanted to make sure that you knew how appreciative we are that you took time to talk to us!
Thank you
Marissa and McKayla

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank you: Big John's Driving School

Dear Tyler,
You came to my drivers Ed class yesterday (may 19) and I think you are so amazing. Im so glad I got the chance to listen to you and loved hearing about your stories even tho they were sad. And Even tho I am scared of my sunroof (because it can cut my head off) and kinda scared to even have my phone in the car, that's a good thing. So what you said worked! And by the way, you are a REALLY good rapper! Ha :) I'm jealous! :)
Have a good day and keep spreading your story around becase I think everyone that will/has listened to it will remember it forever :) thank you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dude: Big John's Driving School

Hey dude i know you probably don't remember me but you were just at my driver's ed class and we talked for a little bit. You really spoke to me man, it is such an amazing thing you were able to go through that and can still be so happy with life. I honestly think your the coolest person on earth, you can make life ok even tho you had such a hard experience and that means everything. Keep going to people dude, it spoke to me and it really showed me theres a lot that i should be thankful for. I hope everything goes good for you and you will for sure get where people could only dream of being before your life is over dude. You are a crazy good rapper and the best motivational speaker I've ever seen.

Everyone assumes because i have short term memory loss I won't remember them. That's why I LOVE these emails.