Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Easy Route

Is it good luck when a dragon fly lands on you??
I hope so!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I love words... So much power

We gotta start makin' changes
learn to see me as a brother instead of 2 distant strangers
and that's how it's supposed to be
How can the Devil take a brother if he's close to me?
I'd love to go back to when we played as kids
but things changed, and that's the way it is

2pac... He plays at my place more than any other musician. Inspirational, deep, and real...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I love outlets...

Each one brings at least one more mind!!!  Check out the link if you a few minutes...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tyler Presnell Foundation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get the new DVD!!! All proceedings will go directly to the Tyler Presnell Foundation which will end up going directly to help those that become permanently injured due to vehicle crashes.  This DVD will leave you feeling great... That's a promise!!! You can find the DVD on my website, , or my blog... Just google my name. Thanks everyone... Huge thanks to Michael Strub!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

It has finally begun!

Watch The Trailer!

The Final Copy Will Blow Your Mind!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yo Yo Yo! Drive With RESPECT!!!!!!!!!


I'm very sorry that it has taken so long to throw another blog post up.  My life has been very busy.  When it gets like this I tend to forget about  my little side projects, like my blog!  I wish that someone could just write what I would like to be posted.  I actually put a call into the Vancouver WSU's intern office asking for someone that would be willing to help with my business.  It has been almost two weeks now and still no call back.  I hope it comes soon... :)  If not, well, that's just disrespectful.  Professionals shouldn't be like that...

I go to many places and speak which gives me the pleasure of meeting wonderful people.  Alot of them!  I met someone in Phoenix the last time I was down there that really swept me off of my feet.  Her name is Jacy Good.  She is a young woman who was involved in a crash that took the lives of both parents.  You would never know that when she smiles at you.  Our world is full of people like this!  People that have amazing amounts of strenghth.  Jacy and I have very similar struggles but very different when it comes to the pain we walk with.  People are put through HELL every second of every day.

Many of us often look to sky and pray for the lost ones.  We poor out liquor...  We visit grave sites...  We cry!  After reading this I would like for you to do something.  Do one of the few things that I just mentioned, but do it for the ones that are facing the world with a life that they NEVER wanted or even imagined.  It can be ANY type of stuggle!  We need to show respect to the ones that give others a very grateful feeling... 

This photo has no relevance to the post. I just like the photo... ;)

Jacy Good is the young woman that is wearing the red dress.

Jacy Good... Your amazing!!!

Thank you to everyone that knows and shows respect during life...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phoenix Lifsavers Conference!

David Strickland!!!

Ann Marie! An amazing author from Toronto. I'll tell you all about a new book of hers after I read it.


I was invited to Phoenix for the annual Lifesavers conference. It was amazing! I was actually their special guest speaker for the plenary session this last Monday morning, 3/28/2011. The room was full of well-dressed adults. Everyone there had a well-respected profession. As the room began to fill up my nerves started to show. I sat at the table on stage cracking my knuckles while the thousand plus took their seats. As I was introduced at the podium the words just started to flow. I only had a few sentences scribbled down on a card to keep me on track but I hardly ever looked at them. Twenty one minutes went by like they were five. Success! It was the best speech yet. I met some amazing people and hopefully made some great friends. Follow your dreams everyone!!!

I’m hopefully saving lives

I’m hopefully changing minds

Pulling out respect

Cause it’s something fading in time

It’s the first thing that we learn

When we’re finally able to drive

Vehicles impatient to take their turns

It’s like their rather waiting to die

Happens at high speeds

We we’re cut off driving on freeways

We hit the brakes and scream stop

But drivers don’t care what we say

Only care about themselves

It’s sad cause most are adults

These teens learn to drive

But just copy what’s on the roads

Disrespectful people are pathetic

Blaming it on the youth

But if they only learned respect

Instead of pointing the finger at you

We’d all be better drivers

Brain injuries on the road would be gone

It’s pointless not to try this

Killing ourselves is just all to wrong…

Tyler Presnell

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

11 Years and finally able to stand on the right leg...

11 Years in the Making
Finally Able to Stand on my Right Leg and
Thankful Both Sides ain't Paralyzed from the Waist Down
I'm at a Phase Now
My Frustration in Speeches Takes Out
Sometimes the Viewers Witness Me Weak Havin a Breakdown
It's Lost not even Taught
On the Road There's only Laws
You have NO Respect if the only Reason You slowed was Not to get Caught
Slow Down Buddy
Swallow Your Pride
Your the only One that Thinks Your that Cool
95 Percent of the Population Grows up to Dislike their life After School
Most People are Impatient
Will Never Slow Down or Get This
I Guarantee that if You were Paralyzed from A Crash
Instead of Racing Throughout Life
You'd Count Each Day down Minute by Minute...

Tyler Presnell 2011

Respect Poetry! Poets create the greatest words ever written...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Support The STANDUP Act!

We see their tears

We read their minds

And can feel that painful gap from the loved ones lost in time

It's to early we scream!

Wished it would've been mine

If they're barely old enough to be alone

Then how are they old enough to drive

A loaded weapon at 16!

Impatience is life

It's what we know and see

So how do we make it right?

Let's start with the road

Save lives!

We demand it

Young deaths are getting old and us survivors are mad

Screaming "How can you stand this!"

Come on people

Respect our youth and quit standing back

Dont make us beg with signs

Respect lives

And follow through with the STANDUP ACT...

Tyler Presnell 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Scream My Words Every Chance I get!!!

Photo by Stephanie Davis

woke up
and got the call of my life
fly me out to DC bout to speak on whats right
but do these people even care
i dont think they do
they might have been affected but nothin like me and you
flyin private jets escapin this lethal zoo
paralyzed from the neck then friends are forgettin you
selfish minds move on
couldn't sit and visit with you
they've got friends that can walk!!!
headin out with a group of four
while your old brain injured buddy is screamin behind the door
cryin to God
what'd you do this for!!!
why me?
why not him or her?
why not some punk bully that could've really deserved it?
like this guy that dropped from boot camp and claimed he got hurt
pics on smaller people cause it makes him feel worth
thirty years old and his life is pathetic
obsessed with fantasy football stats and checklists
caused what happened
though he'll never regret it
he'll never look in the mirror while i'm goin through hell
friends at one point a second it changed
i was thrown around bashed in beat up and i'm to blame
this grown man even laughed at my limp
thats the honest to God truth
now i can relate with that kid
cryin to God
why me?
why not him?
now i preach it
i've got them feelin the love
venting through my pen cause i'm done feelin this punk
done feelin people that cause hurt and never show up
it was your fault
but your to young to take it
speakin out to Congress and Senate hopin they change it
my bloodstained brain the one to blame cant even claim it
i try to explain the pain he left me to face with
so real so raw
has me chokin on stage
fightin for the cause with these tears that i can't restrain
paralyzed for years so he's stuck feelin the pain
while the drivers out there cheersin with buddies cause nothins changed
happens every day
 come on people lets show respect
breathe it and live it
dont just talk the talk
if you wanna be respected gotta walk the walk
and if your challenge is a closed door
just knock and knock
if they dont answer bust through
this little stumblin block
never capture dreams if your stuck in the small talk
i have it!
doesn't mean that you got it
i've died two times
i'd die again if i lost it
savin one life at a time has really got me exhausted
i'm stressed out
Tai's screamin "you ok!"
eyes bloodshot sleep
i haven't seen in days
i still smile
even though i know i'm insane
runnin outta time
had to grow up in the pain
couldn't walk a straight line
forced to create my own way
you couldn't walk in my shoes
you show no RESPECT
could be the best lesson we as the people are bound to lose
it's not shown on the streets
it's not shown on the news
it's not shown towards me
it's not shown towards you
it's not shown towards this world that us people are bound to ruin
so i'll show towards you
and you can show towards me
so we can stop with the recklass disrespect on the streets...

Tyler Presnell 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

NOYS.ORG - I was featured!!!

Yo, yo, yo!!!!

I was featured over on the National Organizations For Youth Safety website. 

Check it out!!


Leaving on a jet plane....


I am heading to Washington DC tonight to help support the Standup Act again.  I am so honored that I was asked to come back! If you have been following my blog you know I was in Washington this past September to lobby for the act.  I will try to keep you all updated on Facebook and Twitter while I'm there.  Once I return I will be sure to update the blog with pictures and stories of my trip.

Drive with RESPECT!!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Third time in The Columbian!!!


I made our local paper today for the third time.  It was definitely a surprise for me because of how last minute every was thrown together.  Great opportunities always seem to come when I'm hitting my head up against the wall wondering what my next move should be. Follow your heart people...  That will never let you down.

Check out the link!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Think Twice

Yo Yo Yo!!!

I hope life is wonderful for everyone reading.  And if not, I hope your learning from whatever it is that's going on.  A short while ago a student that I had spoken asked if she could interview me for an article she was writing in her school magazine.  She lives in New Orleans and just emailed me the finished article.  I thought it was great.  Your awesome Jenna!  click on this link to see the article in her school's magazine...

Have a good one!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Gervais High School

Hello hello hello!!! 

On 2-17-2011 I spoke to Gervais High School down in Oregon.  It was thanks to Scott Stalcup and Tami Cash from Balfour Oregon for giving me the opportunity.  Gervais High was the second school that Scott and Tami were able to bring me out to.  The students there were some of the most receptive teenagers that I had ever spoken for.  When speeches go smooth like that I'm really able to get every emotion through to the audience in order for them to hopefully leave driving safe.  When I had two minutes left I chose to read them the poem that I had posted the other day.  The one that I wrote as a senior and let my younger brother use for a school project.  They stood up and clapped.  I had a huge smile on my face while I made them promise to drive safe and respect others while walking away.  I shook hands and met a few of the teachers that wanted to say thank you.  After everyone had cleared out the Principle, Mike Solem, asked me to head into his office.  I was sorta nevous...  He hadn't really said much before he shut his office door.  After it was shut he took pictures out of his wallet that he carries with him.  They were very graphic pictures of him in a coma while paralyzed after a tree had fallen on him.  He was 27 years old when it had happened.  As soon as I looked at the pictures I felt an immediate conection with him.  We're survivors!!!  All of us out there that have lived through something we shouldn't have, are bound for life.  We just haven't all met one another yet.  If you have an experience that was life changing, share it!  There are others out there.  Looking at Mike I would have never thought he had metal running up his spine or plates in his neck.  He had em though...  There's tons of us out there like that!  As we were heading out Mike told me that he wants my poem painted somewhere in the school.  He walked into the cafeteria and asked if I would like it on the wall in a spot students will see it for years.  I was and still am estatic.  I'm heading down when it's finished to sign my name at the bottom.  I'll post it for all of you.  It'll be one of the best moments of my life.  Speaking at Gervais High School was an amazing expeience.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Bros School Project

My younger brother was given a project in school in which the class had to bring a moving poem in and read out loud in front of everyone.  He is a 12th grader at Skyview High School.  The same school that my twin brother and I had BARELY graduated from.  My little bro is on the exact same pace as we  He'll make it though!  My younger sister always set the bar pretty high for us brothers.  I'm beginning to ramble!  Back to the post...  My little brother called and asked if I could give him some deep writing of mine because he knows how much of it I have.  I said sure...  I started going through old journals of mine that I had kept in high school to try and find something deep that could relate to the teens he'll read it to.  After a few minutes I found one of my favorites during those years that I had even sent in to have copywritten.  Older writings always bring back crazy emotions and this one definitely did.  I figured I'd post it for all of you.  This one is about as real as it gets... I never gave it a title.  It can be whatever you feel after the last line.

12th Grade,
The biggest struggle of all,
Tryin to flip the page,
But the pain makes me slip up and fall,
Temptations at every corner that call,
My name,
The peers make it seem easy,
So why am I goin insane,
Ready to chase after and capture dreams,
But mistakes have me slow in my ways,
So don't make em!!!
They say,
But it's so easy to fray,
Especially with an injured mind like mine,
Where I'm forgettin each day,
Scars cover my body,
The pain shoots through my legs,
If it wasn't for my family,
There wouldn't be much more I could take,
I've lived through them for years,
One day I'll find the strength,
I smile through tears,
Does it mean that I have it,
The only way I can wake,
Is to understand that he planned it,
But how!!!
I can't stand this!!!
The driver walks through the halls,
I wish the ones that gave him attention,
Knew of the pain that he caused,
The doctors say I won't live to be sixty,
But he'll live that long,
He has dates for every dance,
My mother tells me the anger is wrong,
I can't stop it,
My legs wont even give me the chance,
To get up and dance at my prom,
I'm not begging for sorry,
It's high school,
He's to cool to say,
I just thought we were friends,
My pains on his mind,
When his eyes shut it replays,
He crys and I know it,
He can't be THAT sane,
His pride just wont show it,
It will past this age,
So I'm hopin one day,
And I'll pray that he trys,
To learn from this painful mistake,
And change the way he drives...

Tyler Presnell 2003

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Your Image Really Means Nothing...

I had to relearn everything once I woke up from my coma in 1999. Ice skating was something I didn't care to relearn. On 2/5/2011 we all wanted to go do something and my sister's fiance mentioned ice sakting. I smiled and said, "lets do it!!!". I looked rediculous out there... Who cares though! I have a traumatic brain injury and did not want to hit my head on the ice. So I wore a helmit and was keeping my balance with something the little kids were using. I was also relearning how to skate with a paralyzed right foot. By the end of our skate session I was skating like every other beginner out there. Shaky but able to stay up on my own. This is exactly how we should drive! It doesn't matter how you look out there. Just take it slow and steady. That also goes for you adults that think because of your age you know everything. Most of you need to go back to drivers ed! I know I'm going to sound like an old timer saying this but its true... Slow and steady wins the race. I know for a fact that you know someone who has died from a car crash. We all do. Its a part of our lives now. Sad but true... Shouldn't that be enough to convince us to take it easy out there...?

Monday, January 31, 2011

I Was In A Movie Once...

I was watching a pointless movie the other night that had big name actors and actresses in it and all I kept thinking about was how much money was spent to produce the film.  I'm not crazy!  Maybe just irritable at times.  We all can be though so I don't feel bad about writing that.  Back to the movie...  It made no sense!  It was an hour and a half that cost millions to make.  No lasting impression what so ever.  I was in a movie once.  The name of it is Untraceable.  I went down to sign up as an extra and ended up getting about a two second long part.  The movie ended up being horrible.  Do not watch it!  When I was given that small part in the film the staff treated me good.  However, when I was an extra for the film I was treated like dirt.  All of us extras were.  I kept wondering why people do this.  Why people put themselves in situations in which they can be spoken down to.  Then I wondered why we were even spoken down to in the first place.  We're all equal right?   

What about the road??  Just like being an extra, people are treated like dirt.  It's not just one person though.  It's all of us...  Every single day.  Are you the type to disrespect others while driving?  Are you the type that while driving, thinks your time is far more important than others?  Do you think that your the director and we're your extras?  You can be whoever you want while off the road.  Why can't we get along out there?  I mean, we're all equal, RIGHT?  I can't and absolutely refuse to figure out why people just don't care about anyone else while driving.  The typical every day driver acts as if they direct the place!  Remember I was an extra once, and I gaurantee that I will never be an extra again.  None of us are extras on the road.  We're main characters!  We should be treated like gold!  OK OK OK...  I'm done rambling.  I just write how I speak.  All over the place.  You just got a little taste of it.

I almost wrote a poem to go along with this but am losing major focus.  My brain injury has me running circles around ones with ADHD.  Constantly moving!!!  Far to much at times.  I'll post something tomorrow.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Rock

My siblings are gone
If I don't have her I'm lost
She's my shoulder to lean on
Most call her my rock
She helps me from red to green
For those times that I'm stopped
Listens to every one of my words
And believe me, I write em a lot
I've had past relations
Most screwed up my thoughts
I know I've screwed with hers
But she just laughs it off
I'm forever my loves
And regret the moment I walked
The past is the past
We have one life
Holding hands while we skip through the chalk
Her voice melts me
I love when she talks
It guides me through the days
If I don't have her, I'm lost
I couldn't breathe
I couldn't live
I'd break, my heart would stop
I couldn't imagine living one day
If I ever lost my rock

I love you babe.....

Tyler Presnell

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This motivates me!!

Hey everyone!

I spoke at Big John's Driving School a few weeks ago and met this guy named CJ.  We chatted for a minute and he thanked me for my words.  A few days later he sent me this video.

Thank you, CJ!!  Your words really mean a lot to me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have so much to say!!!  If I said it all you would think I'm crazy.  Maybe a little here and a little there, you cant really blame me.  I'll end up spilling it all hoping that you dont hate me.  Impatience needs to stop on he road so if need be, constantly replay me...  I recorded a video but it wouldn't upload.  The video is on youtube!  Please check out this link...  Let it soak in!  You won't regret it...  I promise...

Monday, January 3, 2011

A little something that came out on 1-3-11