Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Rock

My siblings are gone
If I don't have her I'm lost
She's my shoulder to lean on
Most call her my rock
She helps me from red to green
For those times that I'm stopped
Listens to every one of my words
And believe me, I write em a lot
I've had past relations
Most screwed up my thoughts
I know I've screwed with hers
But she just laughs it off
I'm forever my loves
And regret the moment I walked
The past is the past
We have one life
Holding hands while we skip through the chalk
Her voice melts me
I love when she talks
It guides me through the days
If I don't have her, I'm lost
I couldn't breathe
I couldn't live
I'd break, my heart would stop
I couldn't imagine living one day
If I ever lost my rock

I love you babe.....

Tyler Presnell

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