Monday, January 31, 2011

I Was In A Movie Once...

I was watching a pointless movie the other night that had big name actors and actresses in it and all I kept thinking about was how much money was spent to produce the film.  I'm not crazy!  Maybe just irritable at times.  We all can be though so I don't feel bad about writing that.  Back to the movie...  It made no sense!  It was an hour and a half that cost millions to make.  No lasting impression what so ever.  I was in a movie once.  The name of it is Untraceable.  I went down to sign up as an extra and ended up getting about a two second long part.  The movie ended up being horrible.  Do not watch it!  When I was given that small part in the film the staff treated me good.  However, when I was an extra for the film I was treated like dirt.  All of us extras were.  I kept wondering why people do this.  Why people put themselves in situations in which they can be spoken down to.  Then I wondered why we were even spoken down to in the first place.  We're all equal right?   

What about the road??  Just like being an extra, people are treated like dirt.  It's not just one person though.  It's all of us...  Every single day.  Are you the type to disrespect others while driving?  Are you the type that while driving, thinks your time is far more important than others?  Do you think that your the director and we're your extras?  You can be whoever you want while off the road.  Why can't we get along out there?  I mean, we're all equal, RIGHT?  I can't and absolutely refuse to figure out why people just don't care about anyone else while driving.  The typical every day driver acts as if they direct the place!  Remember I was an extra once, and I gaurantee that I will never be an extra again.  None of us are extras on the road.  We're main characters!  We should be treated like gold!  OK OK OK...  I'm done rambling.  I just write how I speak.  All over the place.  You just got a little taste of it.

I almost wrote a poem to go along with this but am losing major focus.  My brain injury has me running circles around ones with ADHD.  Constantly moving!!!  Far to much at times.  I'll post something tomorrow.

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