Monday, January 3, 2011

A little something that came out on 1-3-11


nicole said...

Tyler, you are amazing!!!! Always an inspiration to me, and everyone else who hears your story. I always love you songs as well. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and all of the advice you have given me.

@TheClassicCarol said...

The part of this video that hit home for me was, "We need to learn how to take our time." A lot of good comes from doing things the right way, not taking shortcuts and not rushing to catch up when you're late. 2011 is the time to savor life -- thanks for sharing your gifts.

Kelli Kelly said...

hey my friend i want to post this to my FACEBOOK, but i dont know how. If u know how let me know. Hey Im sure we have discussed this before but the Brain Injury places have their TBI walks coming up and i support them every year since my accident and help raise money as well. Im hopeing u maybe able to come one day to speak. They are coming up here in California in the next few months.

Tyler Presnell said...

Thank you so much Nicole. Your AWESOME!!! I know that one... Those words just lit my face up.
You always put a smile on my face Carol. You became a wonderful part of my life. Thank you!
Kelli!!! We're family in our own TBI kinda way. I love ya for that. Thank you... :)

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