Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phoenix Lifsavers Conference!

David Strickland!!!

Ann Marie! An amazing author from Toronto. I'll tell you all about a new book of hers after I read it.


I was invited to Phoenix for the annual Lifesavers conference. It was amazing! I was actually their special guest speaker for the plenary session this last Monday morning, 3/28/2011. The room was full of well-dressed adults. Everyone there had a well-respected profession. As the room began to fill up my nerves started to show. I sat at the table on stage cracking my knuckles while the thousand plus took their seats. As I was introduced at the podium the words just started to flow. I only had a few sentences scribbled down on a card to keep me on track but I hardly ever looked at them. Twenty one minutes went by like they were five. Success! It was the best speech yet. I met some amazing people and hopefully made some great friends. Follow your dreams everyone!!!

I’m hopefully saving lives

I’m hopefully changing minds

Pulling out respect

Cause it’s something fading in time

It’s the first thing that we learn

When we’re finally able to drive

Vehicles impatient to take their turns

It’s like their rather waiting to die

Happens at high speeds

We we’re cut off driving on freeways

We hit the brakes and scream stop

But drivers don’t care what we say

Only care about themselves

It’s sad cause most are adults

These teens learn to drive

But just copy what’s on the roads

Disrespectful people are pathetic

Blaming it on the youth

But if they only learned respect

Instead of pointing the finger at you

We’d all be better drivers

Brain injuries on the road would be gone

It’s pointless not to try this

Killing ourselves is just all to wrong…

Tyler Presnell

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