Monday, March 14, 2011

I Scream My Words Every Chance I get!!!

Photo by Stephanie Davis

woke up
and got the call of my life
fly me out to DC bout to speak on whats right
but do these people even care
i dont think they do
they might have been affected but nothin like me and you
flyin private jets escapin this lethal zoo
paralyzed from the neck then friends are forgettin you
selfish minds move on
couldn't sit and visit with you
they've got friends that can walk!!!
headin out with a group of four
while your old brain injured buddy is screamin behind the door
cryin to God
what'd you do this for!!!
why me?
why not him or her?
why not some punk bully that could've really deserved it?
like this guy that dropped from boot camp and claimed he got hurt
pics on smaller people cause it makes him feel worth
thirty years old and his life is pathetic
obsessed with fantasy football stats and checklists
caused what happened
though he'll never regret it
he'll never look in the mirror while i'm goin through hell
friends at one point a second it changed
i was thrown around bashed in beat up and i'm to blame
this grown man even laughed at my limp
thats the honest to God truth
now i can relate with that kid
cryin to God
why me?
why not him?
now i preach it
i've got them feelin the love
venting through my pen cause i'm done feelin this punk
done feelin people that cause hurt and never show up
it was your fault
but your to young to take it
speakin out to Congress and Senate hopin they change it
my bloodstained brain the one to blame cant even claim it
i try to explain the pain he left me to face with
so real so raw
has me chokin on stage
fightin for the cause with these tears that i can't restrain
paralyzed for years so he's stuck feelin the pain
while the drivers out there cheersin with buddies cause nothins changed
happens every day
 come on people lets show respect
breathe it and live it
dont just talk the talk
if you wanna be respected gotta walk the walk
and if your challenge is a closed door
just knock and knock
if they dont answer bust through
this little stumblin block
never capture dreams if your stuck in the small talk
i have it!
doesn't mean that you got it
i've died two times
i'd die again if i lost it
savin one life at a time has really got me exhausted
i'm stressed out
Tai's screamin "you ok!"
eyes bloodshot sleep
i haven't seen in days
i still smile
even though i know i'm insane
runnin outta time
had to grow up in the pain
couldn't walk a straight line
forced to create my own way
you couldn't walk in my shoes
you show no RESPECT
could be the best lesson we as the people are bound to lose
it's not shown on the streets
it's not shown on the news
it's not shown towards me
it's not shown towards you
it's not shown towards this world that us people are bound to ruin
so i'll show towards you
and you can show towards me
so we can stop with the recklass disrespect on the streets...

Tyler Presnell 2011


Nicole said...

After reading your blog, I feel like I was with you in DC!

Tyler Presnell said...

Heck yea!

john said...

Nice work buddy! Keep it up!

KarlieKay said...

Everytime you post your lyrics like this i get inspired. Thanks Tyler.

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