Tuesday, March 22, 2011

11 Years and finally able to stand on the right leg...

11 Years in the Making
Finally Able to Stand on my Right Leg and
Thankful Both Sides ain't Paralyzed from the Waist Down
I'm at a Phase Now
My Frustration in Speeches Takes Out
Sometimes the Viewers Witness Me Weak Havin a Breakdown
It's Lost not even Taught
On the Road There's only Laws
You have NO Respect if the only Reason You slowed was Not to get Caught
Slow Down Buddy
Swallow Your Pride
Your the only One that Thinks Your that Cool
95 Percent of the Population Grows up to Dislike their life After School
Most People are Impatient
Will Never Slow Down or Get This
I Guarantee that if You were Paralyzed from A Crash
Instead of Racing Throughout Life
You'd Count Each Day down Minute by Minute...

Tyler Presnell 2011

Respect Poetry! Poets create the greatest words ever written...

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