Friday, February 18, 2011

Gervais High School

Hello hello hello!!! 

On 2-17-2011 I spoke to Gervais High School down in Oregon.  It was thanks to Scott Stalcup and Tami Cash from Balfour Oregon for giving me the opportunity.  Gervais High was the second school that Scott and Tami were able to bring me out to.  The students there were some of the most receptive teenagers that I had ever spoken for.  When speeches go smooth like that I'm really able to get every emotion through to the audience in order for them to hopefully leave driving safe.  When I had two minutes left I chose to read them the poem that I had posted the other day.  The one that I wrote as a senior and let my younger brother use for a school project.  They stood up and clapped.  I had a huge smile on my face while I made them promise to drive safe and respect others while walking away.  I shook hands and met a few of the teachers that wanted to say thank you.  After everyone had cleared out the Principle, Mike Solem, asked me to head into his office.  I was sorta nevous...  He hadn't really said much before he shut his office door.  After it was shut he took pictures out of his wallet that he carries with him.  They were very graphic pictures of him in a coma while paralyzed after a tree had fallen on him.  He was 27 years old when it had happened.  As soon as I looked at the pictures I felt an immediate conection with him.  We're survivors!!!  All of us out there that have lived through something we shouldn't have, are bound for life.  We just haven't all met one another yet.  If you have an experience that was life changing, share it!  There are others out there.  Looking at Mike I would have never thought he had metal running up his spine or plates in his neck.  He had em though...  There's tons of us out there like that!  As we were heading out Mike told me that he wants my poem painted somewhere in the school.  He walked into the cafeteria and asked if I would like it on the wall in a spot students will see it for years.  I was and still am estatic.  I'm heading down when it's finished to sign my name at the bottom.  I'll post it for all of you.  It'll be one of the best moments of my life.  Speaking at Gervais High School was an amazing expeience.

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