Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A New Chapter Begins

A New Chapter Begins

I want to write a poem but I can't
Wishin to be inspired
Evil thoughts have me trapped
Talkin to myself
Sayin nothin but trash
Needin to step away
Maybe later come back...

45 minutes later...

Yo Yo Yo!
I'm ready to go
Took my dogs for a walk
While I studied the road
A decision comin up
Straight, Left, or Right
Never one to give up
Called my wife for advice
I said I might go crazy
If my talent goes unnoticed
Hopin to get back
The same respect that I've shown em
In many ways I got it good
I went from hopeless to focused
Finally makin money it's funny
When I was broke-st
No fear of takin turns
If even leadin to night
I see what's Straight, I see what's Left
So looks like I'm goin Right

And A New Chapter Begins...

By Tyler Presnell

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