Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tai's Poem

Tai’s Poem

I wanna get lost
So would you think about runnin with me?
Take off anywhere in the world
And since we’re from the city
Thinkin waterfalls in the jungle
The world is our playground
As long as we’re remaining humble
We can sneak off
And hide below the radar
In this fake world where they lie
All to become a star
But we shouldn’t do it cause all we need is you and me
Ditchin all the maps in the river we don’t need fluently
To speak
Language of love is really all we need
No blogs or facebook
Turn off the computers
Throw the cell phone in the trash
You thinkin that you could do this?
I wanna feel what it’s like to be real
I wanna
Hear voices
I wanna know fear
I wanna feel my heartache
When I ain’t got ya near
I wanna know what it’s like to go
Where nobody knows us
Ain’t afraid at night because I’m holdin you closest
Contemplate mistakes in the past
No thanks
Infatuated with the future
Going with no brakes
I wanna live in the moment place our fingers on the map
Make up different names they won’t know whenever asked
Saturated in this love
So even when in the darkest
Know when to go slow
While society races
Temptation at every turn
Relationships getting burned
Untouched from our love
We’re taught to be grateful first
So while I step away please think of the next spot
We can fill up at this station or rest for the night and stop
Doesn’t matter what we do
Our rule
Can’t follow clocks
We can hide out in the open
Just promise that we’ll stay lost

I Love My Wife!!!

By Tyler Presnell

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